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DonationSimple is an easy-to-use donation platform that allows you to maximize your donations without hiring a massive staff.

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Are you struggling to achieve your fundraising goals?

If you are a leader in a non-profit or local organization, you are likely facing these challenges:

  • Your time is completely consumed by developing, launching, and tracking fundraising campaigns
  • Your new digital system is complex, expensive, and not compatible with your other digital tools
  • You have a “Support Contract” but they don’t help you in the areas you really need support with
  • You have a small staff of volunteers managing outreach, donation tracking, AND thank you cards…
  • Your social media ads aren’t converting how you’d expected or you don’t know where to begin
  • You sell goods (magazines, popcorn, coupon books), but they have a really low return on investment
  • You’re tired of not being able to provide more for your community in these trying times…

Start creating lasting change with our all-inclusive services

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Support your campaigns with robust social media engagement and advertising.

Online Donation Platform

We have a fully comprehensive and customizable donation platform that will integrate with all of your existing systems. The great part is… No setup fee, no recurring fees, no support fees, or expensive contracts.

You can make an impact

If you are like most non-profit and local organizations, you are struggling to create lasting change in your community. Fundraising has gotten harder, especially with COVID-19 and government resources becoming less and less. This is why Donation Simple offers the services we do. We want to help make change in communities across the globe, just like you. Our services will help get your fundraising unstuck, give you a clear social media strategy and supports you every step of the way to make sure you hit your goals and beyond!

Let us help you

Want to create a better impact for your community through online donations? Schedule a fundraising review with us and we’ll help you uncover ways to maximize your donations and simplify your fundraising campaigns.